About us



Our Goal

To get the top grade for you. At Beyond Average we work to ensure that you get top grades in all your online assignments, online classes, homework, quizzes, essays or any other coursework for which you seek our help. No matter the subject or University our promise remains that if your score is less than 80% we will refund your money.

Our Story

We started in 2013 with a small team of 5 online tutors. Over the years team Beyond Average has grown to a size of 70 online tutors and academic writers. The secret to our success is simple, we kept our promises. More than 90% of our students scored top grades in their assignments, courses, quizzes, discussion board. We consistently offered our best and helped our students score top grades. We met our deadlines, avoided plagiarism and helped score the grades we promised. In rare cases when we could not meet the grade guarantee we refunded the money.

Our Team

Beyond Average is a team of well qualified and experienced online tutors and academic writers. Out of the 70 online tutors, 25 work full time while rest work part time. We are headed by 5 team leaders who maintain strict vigil against plagiarism and poor content quality.

Our Promises

Beyond Average promises good quality plagiarism free work delivered well before time.

  1. Security – Your data and information is safe with us.
  2. Domestic Log in- We ensure a domestic log in.
  3. Grade Guarantee – We will refund your money if we score less than 80%.
  4. Plagiarism free work – All our assignment solutions are unique and plagiarism free.
  5. Deadline Guarantee- We promise to meet all deadlines well in time.