Global Environment of Business

Global Environment of Business

Posted August 23, 2017

Analyze and comment on how your impressions regarding the risks associated with operating within a global economy. How are countries’ economic platforms interrelated? Use your specific country as the basis for your discussion. Compare and contrast your country’s economic issues with the US.

Risk is in every new enterprise one engages in, every new business that is started and can occur in every type of economy. It is so true that every new venture involves risks, and throughout the journey, the business gets involved in, the occurrence of risks always remain a possibility. The video on The Ascent of Money Episode 3: Risky Business suggests that risks can occur in any type of economies like a global one, a socialist one or even a communist one and every nation must strive to lessen the occurrence and impacts of risks rather than simply succumbing to it. Risks become inevitable under situations that are predictable and unless business and nations learn to predict patterns, risks cannot be averted. (To read the full article BUY NOW)

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