A Degree in Economics, does it make economic sense?

Pay packages and Job profiles

Economics is one of the four FAME subjects, here FAME is an acronym for Finance, Accountancy, Management and Economics. These four subjects are much sought after higher education aspirants due to high pay packages associated with them. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that median salary figure for Economics graduates in the year 2016 was $72,531. If you are thinking ‘That’s quite a lot’ you must know that there is more to delight you, economics graduates work not only as economists but as financial analysts, business analyst, investment banker, statistician, trade specialist, economic analyst etc. Pay packages for these job profiles is quite high too, but it varies with one’s location, level of education, work experience etc.

Interestingly payscale.com rates economics as second in the list of ‘Top 5 Associate Degree Majors’ The website claims that a two year associate degree in economics can increase your earning potential by manifold. With such median salary and good job prospects economics does make good economic sense.

Universities offering Online program in Economics

Next step would be to know which Universities offer on campus or online degree programs in economics. The University of Utah offers online degree programs in economics. Apart from this Penn State University, Purdue University, University of North Dakota, University of Detroit, Pennsylvania State University, Oregon State University and Southern New Hampshire University also offer online classes and degree programs in economics. Some ivy league universities such as Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C. have also started offering online programs in the subject.Such online programs allow one to work or take care of one’s family while continuing ones education.

Are you an economics student?

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