Gonzaga University and Your Grades

Gonzaga Bulldogs make it to the Finals

Gonzaga University is much in news these days for its basketball teams’ outstanding performance in NCAA. The team made it to NCAA final for the first time since 1995. Zags had to finally bow down to North Carolina but there is much to learn from their rise.

Gonzaga University

The University itself is centuries old it was founded in 1887 and is based in Washington. It is a Catholic institution and provides undergraduate programs in 75 fields and 23 master’s programs. The University also runs doctoral programs. Gonzaga University however owes much to its Basketball program though, In 1990s when the University was in much financial trouble. It is this program which boosted both admissions and donations.

Reason Behind the Rise

Teams’ rise this year is being attributed to Mark Few, teams’ coach. He has been with Gonzaga’s program for 28 seasons, 10 as assistant coach and 18 as assistant coach. This dedicated and loyal coach has built the program and has highlighted it on National Collegiate Athletic Association’s map.

Things To Learn

There are two things to learn from this episode, both can help you with your grades.

First lesson is from basketball itself. The sport was invented by Dr. James Naismith in Massachusetts for troublesome students. The sport was designed therefore to encourage skill development, accuracy and concentration. Therefore it is emphasised that students should remain active in sports or pursue hobbies which help them in all round development rather than engage in rote learning. An active lifestyle can help you keep your mind fresh and prepared to learn.

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