Is a degree in finance worth it?

Is a degree in finance worth it?

How much can a Finance Manager Earn?

What do I do to become a finance manager in a reputed firm?

What does a finance manager do?

If these questions bother you, read on.

Finance graduates have multiple options which vary depending on the type of specialization which one undertakes. Some of the opportunities available to finance graduates are as follows-

Financial Advisor – A finance graduate can serve as a Financial advisor to individuals and corporate. These professionals are responsible for selling specific financial commodities and securities.

Loan Officers – Banks employ finance graduates as loan officers who are primarily responsible for evaluating loan applications. These professionals study loan applicant’s credit history. They calculate an applicant’s credit limit based on his or her income.

Personal Finance Advisor – these professionals offer investment advice to ensure their client meet their financial goals.

Corporate Financial Managers – These managers are responsible for determining a company’s financial goals and carry out different investment and fund raising activities to meet these financial goals. Such position requires thorough knowledge of the different aspects of finance. Often graduates holding 5 years experience and professional certifications such as CFA are hired for such positions.

Investment bankers – Those professionals who work for investment banks and help companies in raising capital or in mergers and acquisitions are designated as investment bankers. Usually these professionals hold a CFA certification.

The question remains how much does a finance graduate earn ? shares some relevant facts in this matter. The website suggests that a finance professional can earn anything between 47 K to 120 K annually. Now I am sure you would want to know how to become a finance graduate.

Universities and colleges like Grantham University, Rasmussen College, University of Maryland University College, American Public University, Columbia Southern University, University of Missouri St. Louis, Harvard University and many more offer on campus as well as online courses in finance.

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