Time Management Tips, which actually work.

time management tip

Time Management Tips, which actually work.

Posted March 14, 2017

Time management skills are important for University Students. Most of our clients are either students juggling with 5 classes or are married working professionals trying hard to earn a degree. Often due multiple commitments they find themselves missing deadlines or scoring horribly low or in some extreme cases they find themselves crashing altogether.

So for the benefit of students we are presenting some real time management tips which actually work –

Start with the big picture – Set clear and SMART(Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound) goals for yourself. Then break them down in to short term objectives. Set you daily schedule based on these.

Daily time management

  1. Take Time to Plan out – If you aren’t planning, you are planning to fail. So it is important to plan your day before you begin it.
  2. Staying on Schedule – Planning your day is probably easier than staying on schedule. Following these tips will help you through –
  • Identify time wasters – Observe yourself for two or more days and identify your ‘time wasters’. Time wasters are unproductive activities or thoughts which drain your energy and make you lose your precious moments. Often after wasting your time on these activities you feel anxious or guilty. Identifying these activities and minimising the time you spend on them helps like nothing else.
  • Visualise what success would look like – Take few seconds before taking up a task and visualise what success would look like before you start. This will help you stay on track.
  • Give attention to things which deserve it – Don’t take calls or reply to messages when they are irrelevant. Disconnect instant messaging when needed.
  • Tasks must be done anyway- Tasks you choose for the day must be done anyway, stay committed. You may prioritise and finish off the task which is urgent or important earlier than other but you must endeavour to finish off the entire list.

Following these tips will help you in managing your time effectively. In any case team BeyondAvg is there with you to help you with all types of assignments. We will help you meet your deadlines and score BeyondAvg grades in no time at all!

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